International Work Assignments

MyPlacement AG International HR Services aims to advise you in every administrative and legal issue concerning international work assignments. With little effort you can get clarity about the approval practice in the target countries, and are able to offer your employees who have short or long-term cross-border assignments optimal social security and tax solutions.

You will get concrete answers on the following subjects:

  • Short and long-term cross-border work assignments
  • Project or Training sessions, deployment
  • Deployment of employees in EU / EFTA countries or in other countries
  • Deployment of employees from EU / EFTA countries or from other countries in Switzerland
  • Permits for Switzerland and for oversees
  • Social Insurance oversees and possibilities for exemption from such
  • Social Insurance in Switzerland
  • Taxation oversees and possibilities for exemption
  • Tax liability in Switzerland and possibilities for exemption
  • Personnel Administration in connection with foreign or Swiss employees oversees as well as in Switzerland